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Q : Why Evergreen Container Terminal (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
A : Evergreen Container Terminal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Is a joint and “Evergreen Group”, one of the world’s
     largest container shipping operators, presently operating more than 240 service location and cover more than 80 countries with shipping network.
Q : What is Evergreen and what does it do ?
A : Evergreen Marine Corporation(Taiwan) Ltd. Operates Evergreen, a regularly scheduled global marine and intermodal shipping carrier, transporting containerized cargo
     between ports and destinations in more than 80 countries aboard its extensive merchant fleet, using its own worldwide service network.
Q : As a ocean carrier, is Evergreen independent in all trades ?
A : Yes, despite membership in certain “talking agreements’ with other carriers, Evergreen maintains independence from conferences,
t     through the largest service contact portfolio in the industry.
Q : How is marine freight regulated, and what does it mean to me ?
A : Under the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 1988 (OSRA), the terms and application of charges and terms applied to international commerce to/from USA are strictly
     regulated. The Act empowers the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to monitor and govern the practices of international carriers, providing among other things that
     all rates applicable to transport, storage and handling of international cargo must normally be filed with the government, and that all such charges be collected as filed.
     Furthermore, OSRA makes open rate tariffs a matter of public record, as can be seen on this site (see “Tariff”). This means that
     (1) Open rates charged are not confidential; service contract and negotiation discussions between shippers and carriers may be confidential, if agreed to by the parties.
      (2) Rates and charges filed must be collected in conformity with tariff in effect at the time shipment is tendered to the carrier. To not abide by these rules would subject
      (3) Within the limitations of carrier “talking agreements”, ship owners are permitted to share information about rate levels in open tariffs, and regarding non-confidential service contracts. New to OSRA, shippers can contract with Evergreen for terms to be filed with the FMC, but in a confidential tariff.
Q : How does Evergreen compare with competitors ?
A : Evergreen, as an independent carrier, possesses the world’s largest (and newest) ocean-going containerized vessel fleet. It is the second largest carrier serving North
     America, and ranks first in market share in most of the trades it serves. Evergreen operates a very successful “Round-the-World” Service both east and westbound, as
     well as a large variety of “fixed day services” in Pacific and Atlantic Ocean tradelanes. Evergreen prefers to form partnerships with customers (by contract, etc.) to
     maintain the turnover necessary to the health of the enterprise. This allows Evergreen to strictly control its inventory of containers, and control its unit costs to the point
     where we are the envy of our competitors. Evergreen prides itself on the value and service quality it has brought to the industry.
Q : How does Evergreen assure service quality ?
A : With an internal “Quality Management System” established in all Evergreen offices, with dedicated Quality assurance staff answering to MGT. On-time delivery, smooth operation and service quality are under strict control to assure that our customers? Expectations for service, reliability and cost are met.
     Evergreen complies with International Standards ISO9002 in all location, and is certified under that standard in Germany, England and Japan. Certification in the USA and Canada is in preparation.
     Vessel and corporate safety is certified under the terms of the International Safety Management (ISM) standard. Evergreen complies with all international and national
     Protocols for safe, environmentally sound operations (SOLAS, OPA90, IMDG, etc.) in conformity with the rules of its vessels’ classification societies (NKK, ABS).
     Evergreen boasts an extremely low claims ratio, and is renown for its strict adherence to safety, highway weight restrictions and proper documention requirements.
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