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Evergreen Container Terminal (Thailand) Ltd. has strengthened by a growing commitment to work. From the cooperation and help of the contribution of all employees, the success of the operations would occur when customers see the value and importance of your work for both company's systems. To achieve the goal of your responsibilities is a key element to the success of the organization.

Human resources are a critical element of any enterprise. As such, the company foresees the importance of all levels of staff, provide an effective development system for practice of the employees’ responsibilities to present potential and prepares employees to progress in careers in the future. Growth in the profession requires rigorous educational process work, the development of new knowledge and the real intentions of the employee.

The employee handbook is intended to provide information to all employees, as you know the history of the company, Evergreen Container Terminal (Thailand) Ltd., policies, human resources operations management, job position structure, as well as the rules and structure of the various welfare for employees. All staff through the selection process working with the company are people who have the ability to do the job. If employees are committed to intend to work fully capable, it will inevitably get the advancement and career stability