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Evergreen Container Terminal (Thailand) Limited sustainability policies are emphasized the future effect of any given policy or business practice on humans, ecosystems, and the wider economy. Our concept often corresponds to the belief that without major changes to the way the world is run, it will suffer irreparable damage.

We have brought the company's information on the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste from the industry. Let's analyze trends and create a database of waste management methods, as well as assess the guidelines for improvement of the disposal methods

Management of waste from operations in the maintenance, washing, and repairs business

The company operates a business related to the maintenance, repairs, and cleaning of containers by the waste generated from maintenance, repairs, and cleaning that would be disposed of in a manner that complies with international laws and standards. However, the company is committed to taking repair and cleaning waste as an alternative material. This is in accordance with the principle of the utilization of waste under the circular economy principle.

Non-hazardous waste management

The company pays attention to the waste sorting process in the office. Waste bins are prepared for each type of waste separation, such as organic bins, general bins, recycle bins, etc. In addition, knowledge is communicated and shared, so to create awareness and understanding among employees to reduce waste, as well as to organize campaign activities in all areas of the operation.